Cocktail Hour (+Netflix)

While we try our best to stay away from unnecessary calories, we give in to the occasional cocktail from time to time because let’s face it – we’re only human. Here are some of our favorite cocktail recipes (best enjoyed when paired with Netflix!).

1. 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice + 2 tbsp countreau, 2 ice cubes. Blitz in the blender.

2. 1 tbsp lychee simple syrup, 1 oz vodka, an ice cube. Blitz in the blender.

3. Vodka and green olives.


1. 1/2c Martini, 1/8c triple sec, half a can Schweppes tonic water, 6-8 cubes of ice

2. Classic vodka tonic with lemon and mint

3. Don Julio tequila shot


I’ve always hated anything with ginger but since moving to Moscow I’ve developed an affinity for Moscow Mule, which uses ginger beer:

4 oz Ginger beer, 1 1/2 oz Vodka, 1/6 oz Lime juice
Pour it over ice, and drink it in a copper mug. HEAVEN!


For me, NETFLIX + Cocktails is the new SPA.

I like things simple and uncomplicated. Here’s how cocktails should be — easy.

Hi VODKA! This is SPRITE. You two are made for each other. Go and create superbly beautiful buzz for all of us.


Coming soon!

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