Our Christmas Wishlists

Wishing for the below items this Christmas:
– DLSR Gimbal
– Art Studio
– Oxford shoes
– Sipag pills
– Raket/Income!

Christmas in the deserts

While it is said that in Mesopotamia now mostly Iraq, was the birth of ‘the garden of Eden’, and Jerusalem is where the Christ was born, even though those two places are said to be in the Middle East just like the UAE where I am spending my Christmas
this year, still not a single Christmas ball, tree, nor mistletoe can be seen anywhere. And from where I grew up, Christmas begins in September. Santa comes to town when the ‘ber’ month starts.

Meanwhile, here in Dubai, there are only two Catholic churches that I know of and I hear about a few Christian groups gather in private places for their own private services. Jesus is not the hero in these deserts and His name is a taboo. After six years of ‘Christmases’ in the Middle East, the festive traditions that I know of, is slowly fading. I’m starting to question if Christmas really has a meaning to my belief of the Divine. But even so, we are getting by with another year, another December without the bells jingling, no Ho-Ho-Ho-ing and certainly no display of the nativity scene anywhere. But my belief of the Father, the Son and yes, the Holy ghost too, is still the same nevertheless and nothing will ever peel off the fun and the joy of the Pinoy Christmas traditions in me, imprinted in my bones. The ‘hamon’, the buko/fruit salad, the traditional Pinoy Christmas lanterns, making tambourine-like instrument from bottle caps and going house-to-house singing Christmas carols in exchange for some treats, and receiving new crisp Peso bills from our godfathers and godmothers… now, all a treasured memory.

A decorated tree stood in the middle of our flat trying to imbibe the Christmas that we know of back at home. Of course, it is never the same.



– Move back to Paris from Moscow
– Shopping spree at a vinyl records store of my choice
– Free plane tickets for a year!
– A babysitter

Please Santa, if you’re out there, grant me my wishes…



1. A collection of different coloured eye lenses: brown, grey, purple. Green makes me think of Linda Blair in Exorcist. Yes? Yes.

2. Live by the beach for a week with my gal pals and cocktails, strictly no kids in sight. The night sky studded with super bright stars.

3. Uh…keto baking stash of any kind. Baking makes me happy.



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